Film director Almodovar excels himself (from

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Pedro must thought he was in one of his own half-crazed screenplays. He chose the day after the General Elections to suggest that it was a jolly good thing PSOE won because the Popular Party had planning a coup d’Etat in which they take over the country by force. Dear Pedro said he would speak out against anything and anyone to avoid more years of ‘right-wing fascist conservative rule’

Almodovar’s madness inspired a member of the Catalan government to announce that the PP leaders had not accepted defeat, and were certainly planning something ‘undemocratic’. By the 20 March Pedro Almodovar had forced to apologise in public for his bizarre and unfounded declaration. As he is busy publicising his new film La Mala Educación at present, perhaps he be forgiven, but there must be other ways of giving his new picture a lift at the box office. Incidentally, Pedro Almodovar to be officiating at a Madrid polling station on the 14 March. He managed not to go. According to Article 143 of the laws controlling elections and those chosen by local authorities to supervise them, Pedro to pay a fine of 30,000 euros for deliberately not turning up. His new film will do that much better at the box office. It should, because its subject is a favourite with audiences. The abuse of minors by masters at school. That pack the cinemas.