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Valentine's Day is on 14th . It is celebrated as a lovers' holiday. People give chocolates, or other gifts to someone they love.
In the days of early Rome there was a in February called "Lupercalia". One of the Lupercalia customs was a . The names of young women were put in a box. The young men drew a name and accepted the girl as his love for a year or longer. After Christianity was established, the priests wanted the people to forget the old heathen , but they did not want to do away with all their feasts. So they kept the Lupercalia and called it Day.
But who was St. Valentine? There are Saint Valentines mentioned in the martyrologies under the date of 14 February. One was a priest in Rome, another a bishop of Interamna and the other lived and died in Africa. Valentine, the priest, lived in in the third century and died on 14 February on the orders of emperor Claudius. There were wars in the Roman Empire, but many of the men did not want to go to . They did not want to leave their families. The emperor was and he ordered that no marriages could be celebrated. But Valentine secretly united the couples in . When the emperor knew this, he sent Valentine to , where he died on 14th February.