(made by Carmen Luisa)

Completa el crucigrama, haciendo clic en un número para ver las pistas de ese número. Escribe la palabra en el recuadro, haz clic en "Enter" y te saldrá en el crucigrama. Al final haz clic en "Check" para comprobar tus respuestas. Si te quedas "trabado", para recibir ayuda haz clic en "Hint" y verás una letra.
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2. A piece of wax with a piece of string in the middle of it which produces light as it slowly burns. (plural)
3. The day of the month when we celebrate Valentine's Day.
5. The colour of fresh blood.
6. The ancient Roman god of love, represented by a naked baby boy.
8. A person you love, to whom you send a valentine card.
9. Flowers with thorns.
10. The second month of the year.


1. The organ in your chest that sends the blood around your body.
2. A sweet, usually brown, food made from cacao seeds.
3. The part of a plant that is often brightly coloured with a pleasant smell. (plural)
4. Strong feelings of attraction towards, and affection for, another person.
7. A pale red colour.