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Ivor: You look very brown.
Maud: Yeah. I've just got back from my holidays.
Ivor: Lucky you. ? (Where/ you/ go)
Maud: I (go) to Greece. It (be) really nice.
Ivor: ? (How long/ you/ stay/ there)
Maud: Well, I stayed in Athens for about a week then I went to a couple of the islands for ten days.
Ivor: ? (How/ you/ get/ there)
Maud: By plane to Athens, then I (take) a ferry to the islands.
Ivor: Oh, right. And ? (who/ you/ go with)
Maud: I went with a couple of friends from school. You don't know them.
Ivor: ? (you/ stay/ in a hotel)
Maud: In Athens, yes, we stayed in a cheap hotel, but when we got to the islands everything was full, so we ended up sleeping on the beach.
Ivor: You didn't! ? (it/ be/ dangerous)
Maud: Dangeruous? No! There (be) loads of people doing it.
Ivor: ? (What/ the weather/ be like)
Maud: Fortunately it (be) very hot during the day and warm at night, too.
Ivor: That was lucky. ? (What/ you/ usually/ do/ during the day)
Maud: Well, in Athens we (go) sightseeing, and on the islands we (spend) the day on the beach sunbathing, of course!
Ivor: ? (What/ the beaches /be like)
Maud: They (be) beautiful, really clean with lovely golden sand. Not dirty at all, but quite crowded.
Ivor: What about the evenings? ? (What/ the nightlife/ be like)
Maud: Good, especially on the islands. There (be) lots of bars and good, cheap restaurants, and the discos (stay) open till six in the morning.
Ivor: ? (You/ meet/ anyone)
Maud: Yes, we did. We met some really nice boys from Sweden.
Ivor: (you/ be) happy to get back?
Maud: Not really. I (have) a really good time, but I (be) happy to see my family again.

Source: Holley, G. and Rob Metcalf. The Grammar iT's Pack. iT's Magazines S.L.