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Halloween originated in . It occurs on the evening before All Hallows Day, November 1, when the Catholic Church honors the saints.
In Ireland in about 400 BC, 31 was the end of summer and the end of the year. On that day it was believed that the of those who had died that year would come back to look for people to control. People did not want this to happen to them and on the of the 31st they would put out any fires in their houses to make them unwelcoming, dress up in frightening , and go around the neighborhood to scare away the spirits. This became known as "Halloween".
Some contemporary Halloween customs, such as have evolved through the centuries. Trick-or-treating may have come from the ninth century European custom, 'souling'. In early November Christians walked through villages asking for soul (bread and currants). They would say prayers for people's dead relatives in exchange for the soul cakes. Souling has now evolved into trick-or-treating. dress in all sorts of different costumes now (the costumes do not have to be ) and go door-to-door asking people for a treat. The treats are no longer bread cakes; they are different kinds of .
Other customs include the jack-o'-lantern. There is a story from Ireland about a man named who managed to trick the devil into climbing up a tree. To stop the getting out of the tree he carved a cross into the trunk. After Jack died he didn't get to because he hadn't been a very good person, but because he had tricked the devil he didn't have to go to . He was given a burning stick by the devil so he could see and he put it inside a hollowed-out turnip, to make a lamp. "Jack's Lanterns" became "jack-o'-lanterns."
jack-o'-lanterns, which have faces carved out, have replaced turnip jack-o'-lanterns. The reason? The new Irish immigrants in the 1840s discovered there were more pumpkins than turnips in their new land. On Halloween night these glowing jack-o'-lantern faces are lit-up and can be seen in or in front of houses for everyone to look at.