Phrasal verbs from "New English File. Pre-intermediate"

(made by Carmen Luisa)

Click "next" to see a verb. Then click "next" again to see its definition. To see a new verb click "next" and so on. When you think you have learned a verb, click "Delete" and continue memorizing the other verbs.

be overbe finished
call backtelephone somebody again
fill incomplete
find outdiscover
get on withhave a good relationship
get upleave one's bed, stand
give upstop (using, doing or having something)
look aftertake care of somebody
look fortry to find something
look uptry to find something (usually in a book)
pick uplift something
put awayput something in the place where it is usually kept
sit downbe seated
stay upnot go to bed
take offremove
throw awayget rid of something
try onput a garment on
turn downmake someting less bright, intense or loud
turn offdisconnect (gas, television, electricity...)
turn upmake something more bright, intense or loud
write downwrite something on a paper