Phrasal verbs (level A2)

(made by Carmen Luisa)

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BE OVERBe finished.
BREAK UP / BREAK UP WITH sbEnd a relationship.
CALL BACK / CALL sb BACKTelephone sb again.
CARRY ON / CARRY ON sth/doing sthContinue doing sth.
COME BACKReturn to a particular place or person.
COME ON1. Used to tell sb to hurry. 2. Used to encourage sb to do sth.
FILL sth INComplete.
FIND sth OUTDiscover sth.
GET IN / GET IN sth / GET INTO sthEnter a taxi, car, building, etc.
GET OFF / GET OFF sthLeave a means of transport that is not a car or taxi.
GET ON / GET ON sthGet on a means of transport that is not a car or taxi.
GET ON / GET ON (well) WITH sbHave a good relationship (with sb).
GET OUT / GET OUT OF sthLeave a taxi/car, building, etc.
GET UPLeave one’s bed, stand.
GIVE sth BACKGive sb sth that they owned or had before.
GIVE sth UP / GIVE UP doing sthStop (using, doing or having sth).
GO AWAYTravel to a place and spend some time there, for example, for a holiday.
GO OUTLeave your house, especially in order to enjoy yourself.
GROW UPChange from being a baby or young child to being an older child or adult.
HURRY UPUsed to tell sb to do sth more quickly.
LOOK AFTER sb/sthTake care of sb/sth.
LOOK FOR sb/sthTry to find sth/sb.
LOOK FORWARD TO sth/doing sthBe excited and pleased about sth that is going to happen.
LOOK sth/sb UPTry to find sth, seek information about sth/sb (usually in a book).
PASS AWAYDie - use this when you want to avoid saying the word 'die'.
PAY sb/sth BACKGive sb the same amount of money that you borrowed from them.
PICK sb/sth UPLift sb/sth.
PICK sb UPLet sb get into your car, boat, etc. and take them somewhere.
PUT sth AWAYPut sth in the place where it is usually kept.
PUT sth ONPut a piece of clothing or jewellery on your body.
RUN AWAY / RUN OFFLeave a place, especially secretly, in order to escape from sb or sth.
SIT DOWNBe seated or get into a sitting position
SLOW DOWN / SLOW sb DOWNBecome less active or effective.
STAND UPBe on your feet or rise to your feet.
SWITCH OFF / SWITCH sth OFFTurn off a machine, light, radio etc. using a switch.
SWITCH ON / SWITCH sth ONTurn on a machine, light, radio etc. using a switch.
TAKE sth BACKTake sth you have bought back to a shop because it is broken or not suitable.
TAKE OFFIf an aircraft takes off, it leaves the ground and starts flying.
TAKE sth OFFRemove a piece of clothing or jewellery.
TAKE sth OUTRemove sth from a pocket, bag etc.
THROW sth AWAYGet rid of sth, put sth in the rubbish.
TRY sth ONPut a a piece of clothing on to see if it fits you or if it suits you.
TURN sth DOWNMake sth less bright, intense or loud.
TURN sth OFFDisconnect (gas, television, electricity…)
TURN sth ONConnect (gas, television, electricity…)
TURN sth UPMake sth more bright, intense or loud.
WAKE UP / WAKE sb UPStop sleeping; make sb stop sleeping
WASH UPWash plates, cups, spoons etc. after a meal.
WORK OUTDo physical exercise as a way of keeping fit.
WRITE sth DOWNWrite sth on a paper.