(made by Carmen Luisa)

Seven sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each space (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


He was invigilating the exam in the Casa de Cristal, a huge glass-fronted building on the edge of the city used twice-yearly as an examination centre. It was a cold December day and the heating had broken down. With their coats and scarves pulled tightly round them, the four hundred or so candidates struggled to forget the temperature and focus their attention instead on the four examination papers which could take them most of the day to complete. 0. H However, no obvious improvement was ever made.
The job of invigilator was not one he particularly enjoyed, but it earned him some much-needed cash before the approaching Christmas holidays. As well as patrolling a small part of the large examination room, answering questions and discouraging cheats, he had to carry out a number of administrative duties. 1. … And then, of course, there were the question papers to hand out and answers to take in. It was all rather dull, but it made a change from the rigours of teaching.
To relieve the boredom he set himself several simple arithmetical tasks to perform. 2. … This helped to pass the time and made the whole thing more bearable. Now and again he would walk up and down the aisles, giving out rough paper, reminding candidates to use pens rather than pencils and picking up items which had been dropped on the floor.
He was walking back up the exam room in his soft shoes when he caught her. 3. … The candidates were now on the third paper, which tested English grammar and vocabulary, and as he neared her desk from behind, he could hardly believe what he saw. He had heard of some ingenious methods of cheating but nothing like this. 4. … She was now looking down at the back of her exposed leg, which was covered with several columns of phrasal verbs and their translations, copied out onto her skin in fine blue ink. Suddenly, she felt his presence behind her and she pulled the trouser leg down to her ankle and looked round.
5. … Then she blushed, acutely embarrassed but also uncomfortably aware of the possible consequences of having been found out and she looked away to contemplate her fate. None of the other candidates seemed to have noticed what was happening, which gave him time to decide how best to deal with the situation. 6. … But this was not a course of action he had considered and as he asked her to accompany him to the front, he noticed the tears forming in her eyes.

A. The girl was wearing loose fitting trousers and had pulled one of the trouser legs up as far as the knee.
B. He counted the number of separate window panes (85), worked out the most popular colour for coats (blue) and calculated the ratio of females to males in the room (5:2).
C. There were lists of names to make, seating plans to draw and identity papers to check.
D. This brief delay gave her hope that he might turn a blind eye and forget he had seen anything.
E. She had obviously not heard him approaching.
F. They had only been writing for some 20 minutes when he received the first complaint.
G. For a brief moment they stared at each other in disbelief, neither one of them quite sure what to do next.
H. The cold was terrible and the caretaker of the building had assured him that a heating engineer was trying to solve the problem.