Trip to London

A WebQuest for level B1 (ESL)


Designed by Carmen Luisa Pérez Amaro

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Your school is planning a 7 days’ trip to London. The excursion will take 7 days including flights there and back. Your teachers want you to participate in the planning of the excursion, so that what you will have to decide in this Webquest is how you want to spend those 7 days.


You are going to organise a trip to London. You will come up with a document, in which you will specify information about the tickets back to Tenerife, the hotel where you want to stay, as well as the places and activities you want to do in London. The trip will take 7 days and you have to try to make it cheap.


1) The planning work will be done in small groups, although you are jointly responsible for the successful completion of the Webquest. Therefore, the first thing to be done is forming a group (maximum of 3 students per group).

2) Choose one of the following areas:

-          Group 1: tickets

-          Group 2: hotel

-          Group 3: theatre

-          Group 4: monuments

-          Group 5: parks and gardens

-          Group 6: buildings

-          Group 7: churches and cathedrals

-          Group 8: museums, galleries and attractions

-          Group 9: bars and pubs

-          Group 10: shopping

3) Read what your group will have to do. Search the web resources your teacher has given you and copy, paste and save material for study and editing. Pay attention to language and design and remember to credit the sources you used.
4) When you are ready, you will have to put your work in common with the other groups in order to form a finished document of your plan for the trip to London.



 You will be evaluated using the following rubric.  You will receive points for your individual work, your small group work, and your final essay as a whole class group.  Use the following rubrics as guidelines while you are working.










                         INDIVIDUAL WORK

Speaks in English

Does not speak in English. Speaks in some English. Speaks mostly in English. Speaks in English exclusively.  

Cooperates with Group

Usually argues with group members. Sometimes argues. Rarely argues. Never argues.  
                          SMALL GROUP WORK and DOCUMENT

Research and gather information

Do not collect any information that relates to the topic. Collect little information   Some relates to topic. Collect good information.  Most of it relates to the topic. Collect a great deal of information.  All of it relates to the topic.  



Do not include enough information. Include some good information. Some is appropriate but some is useless. Include mostly useful information.  Include all useful information that is appropriate.   


Contains many grammatical errors. Contains several errors. Contains some errors. Is virtually error free. 
                          FINAL ESSAY





Description  reflecting a beginning level of performance. Description reflecting development and movement toward mastery of performance. Description reflecting mastery of performance. Description reflecting the highest level of performance.


Your “Trip to London Webquest” is now completed. You have gathered a lot of interesting new information on London as well as gained more confidence in navigating in the virtual world. But, of course, you have also been exposed to a number of authentic English texts, and hence, have had good practice in reading comprehension and rewriting.

Credits & References

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the following webquests for providing inspiration:

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