Health and medicine

(made by Carmen Luisa)
Complete the gaps with the following words: allergy, blood pressure, dizzy, family doctor, get over, have a check-up, heart attack, homeopathy, make an appointment, operating theatre, prescription, side effects, swollen, takes an overdose, treatment, virus, ward, what's wrong.

Source: English File. Upper-intermediate.
1. You won't be able to get the antibiotics unless you have a from the doctor.
2. Flu and colds are caused by a kind of .
3. She fell over when she was training and now her ankle is really .
4. You should eat less salt with your meals as your is very high.
5. I can't eat nuts - I have an to them.
6. He was slightly injured but he needed to go to hospital for some medical .
7. When someone , it means that they take more pills or tablets than they should.
8. I feel . My head's going round in circles.
9. A is a room in a hospital.
10. Natural medicine which treats the cause of an illness not the symptoms is called .
11. He had really bad flu. It took him two weeks to it.
12. A surgeon does an operation in the .
13. To see a doctor you normally need to .
14. Some tablets give you strange symptoms. These are called .
15. People over 40 should at least once every two years.
16. Hello, Mr Binns. Now, can you tell me exactly with you?
17. If you smoke, are overweight, and do not exercise, you run the risk of having a .
18. If you don't feel well, the person you should see is your .