Weather forecasts

(made by Carmen Luisa)
Complete the gaps with the following words: chilly, cloudy, drizzle, frosty, hail, heavy, humid, mist, overcast, showers, snow, stormy, sunny, temperatures, warm.

Source: Face2face. Intermediate.

1. It's quite warm in the UK, but there's going to be drizzle and light for most of the day. In the north of France it's with sunny spells, and should reach 25ºC in the south, where it's and sunny. There's a lot of weather in Germany, along with some rain. The south of Spain will have a warm and day, but it's going to remain in the north.

2. It will be an extremelly day in the UK, and it will be rather to begin with. It's very cold in France too, with the possibility of this afternoon in the north and some and light showers in the south. In Germany there's already heavy falling in the north. In northern Spain, there will be some and fog in places, and in the south it will be cloudy with some spells* in the afternoon.
* spell (noun-countable) = a short period of a particular kind of weather.